Why work with us?

Using all of our 30 years experience, will tell us what is likely to work for you and what won’t. 

We don’t always get things right however who would you rather deal with ? 

Someone who is new to the industry that you have to train and constantly watch over, or a company that you can agree a plan with and then sit back and let them achieve the results you want ?

We promise not to over complicate things and will make things as easy as possible for you. 

We will offer a FREE initial consultation when we can get to know you better and understand exactly what you want to achieve. 

There are occasions when we have to decide that working together isn’t going to be the right fit, hence why we will always be upfront and tell you at an early stage rather than after we have started working with you.

We become part of your team with our aim to achieve positive results as quickly as possible. 

We can start working with you as soon as we get the verbal OK to proceed.

There is no expensive lengthy tie in period with us which a host of other companies tie you in to. 

We are totally transparent and you can work with us for as little as one day per week to as long as you want.

We only work with a small number of customers ensuring there is never a conflict of interest. Everything you tell us and everything we do with you is treated in total confidence.

"I’ve been working with Simon and his company Premier Business Development for over two years now. He has brought in many new customers and is very good at building relationships with people."


Book your free consultation today. We can get to know each other a little better and understand exactly what you need to achieve.